What’s it about?

Restaurant Day is a one-day carnival in favor of restaurant and food culture.

On Restaurant Day anyone can set up a restaurant, café or a bar for a day. It can be anywhere: at your home, at the office, on a street corner, in your garden or inner courtyard, at a park, or on the beach – only your imagination is the limit.

The quirkier the concept of your restaurant is, the better it attracts people. However oddities aren’t necessary. Good food and drinks at a nice place are enough – the most important is to create a restaurant that you’d like to visit yourself. After all, the idea of Restaurant Day is to have fun, share different restaurant experiences with other people and enjoy the our living environment together.

Restaurant Day originated in Helsinki, Finland, and it’s happens four times a year, about every three months.

On the first Restaurant Day on the 21st of May 2011 almost 40 restaurants opened in 13 different towns. On the second Restaurant Day on the 21st of August 2011 about 200 restaurants opened in 30 different cities in four different countries. On the third Restaurant Day on the 19th of November 2011 over 300 restaurants opened in over 40 different towns. On the fourth Restaurant Day nearly 300 restaurants opened in almost 50 different towns in 12 different countries.

The next Restaurant Day is on the 19th of May 2012.

You can enroll your restaurant to participate here.

The description of the restaurants that open on the next Restaurant Day you can find here and with the map you can easily plan your own restaurant tour. The mobile applications that help finding the restaurants during the Restaurant Day can be downloaded free of charge here.



The logo of Restaurant Day can be used only in communications attached on Restaurant Day. The logo is designed by Tuomas Tofferi.

Restaurant Day Logo


Press photos

The Restaurant Day photos can be used free of charge only as part of journalistic communication about Restaurant Day and with a single right of publication. All other use must be negotiated separately with the photographer. The photographers name and Restaurant Day MUST be credited alongside the published photo in all cases. The names of the people, the photo captions and the photographer information can be found on the metadata.

In the case of print publication two copies of each magazine or newspaper MUST be sent to Restaurant Day, Kymintie 26 B, 00560, Helsinki, Finland. In the case of web publication a link to the photos MUST be sent to timo.santala@gmail.com.

If these rules of conduct are not fulfilled and these photos are published against this license, a fee of usage of 171€ (+VAT23%) per photo will be billed. These rules of conduct are legally binding and by publishing any of these photos you agree to this licence.

If in doubt whether your intended use is part of journalistic communication, please ask more from our photo coordinator about the license.

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Photo gallery

You can find more photos of Restaurant Day on Facebook and Flickr. Photos that are not published in press photo folder must not be used without photographer’s premission.

Restaurant Day photos on Flickr
Restaurant Day February 4 / 2012

Restaurant Day November 19 / 2011
Restaurant Day August 21 / 2011
Restaurant Day May 21 / 2011




Restaurant Day is created by a group of people who believe in having fun, doing together and trying out fresh restaurant concepts. Everyone working for Restaurant Day does so voluntarily and on their free time.

Communications and marketing

“From us you can ask about the press material and request interviews of the Restaurant Day crew and restauranteurs. We’ll also gladly help representatives of media in any questions you might have.”

Kirsti Tuominen
+358 50 4871555

Timo Santala (on vacation)
+358 50 5456781

Photo coordinating

“I’ll assist you if you want to know more about the Restaurant Day photos and the publishing rights. For me you can also send your photos of Restaurant Day.”

Evelin Kask
+358 44 5713110

Restaurant help

“From me you can ask how to set up your own pop-up restaurant and any practical details involved in it. I’ll also gladly advice you on how you can help Restaurant Day and bring it into your home city within Finland.”

Antti Tuomola
+358 50 3404100

International matters

“From me you can ask advice and help if you want to bring Restaurant Day into your home city outside of Finland.”

Simo Vassinen
+358 40 5389221


“From me you can ask only technical questions related to the Restaurant Day website and mobile applications.”

Jyrki Vanamo
+358 50 5470020


“You can send us feedback on our photos of Restaurant Day. You can also enquire about the publishing possibilities of our photos in case you wish to use in any other way than communications related to Restaurant Day.”

Roy Bäckström
+358 50 3449715

Kimmo Lind
+358 40 5403918

Anssi Kumpula
+358 50 3579252

Timo Santala
+358 50 5456781

Tuomas Sarparanta
+358 50 5004651

Jonna Tammisto
+358 50 3050708

Tiia Trogen
+358 50 3569145

Heidi Uutela
+358 40 7519067

Marinella Ruusunen
+358 40 7213828

Eino Nurmisto
+358 50 3490715

Henri Ilanen
+368 44 5815855

Janne Mällinen
+358 40 8093327

Hanna Anttila
+358 40 575 6977

Ella Kiviniemi
+358 50 4666733