Restaurant Day – A food carnival when anyone can open a restaurant for a day

The next Restaurant Day is held 19 August 2012

We are currently rebuilding our search. The improved system is relaunched by the end of July.

How to set up a popup restaurant

Start with the planning

Start with the planning

Coffee and cakes at the docks, treats from the trunk of a van, a six-course dinner in your living room – what does your own ideal restaurant look and taste like? The more fun the concept, the more happy customers it will attract. Quirkiness is not, however, the main aim – just try to think of a restaurant that you personally would love.

Location is key. In the summertime, favorite spots have included parks, courtyards and street corners. In the winter, Restaurant Day lovers have gathered in homes, offices and other indoor spaces.


Reach your customers

When you have picked a place and planned the menu, sign up your restaurant for our listings. Come up with a snappy name that sums up your concept, decide on opening hours, and fill in other details (you can also edit these later). Your own social media channels (e.g. a Facebook event) will help spread the word further.

Please note that all restaurants with a clearly commercial, political or religious aim, or restaurants linked to existing commercial brands, or advertising a commercial space or a business, will be removed from the service.


Be prepared for action

Ask your friends to help out, you will most likely need a hand. Running a restaurant is hard work (even for a day). Working with a team is more efficient, and also more fun.

Reserve enough time for preparing your food, have sufficient cold or hot storage space where needed, and plan in advance for possible surprises. Are you able to keep the food hot for enough time? Try to be realistic with the amount of people you are able to serve. It is also good to have a weather plan.


Share your experience

Restaurant Day is based on spontaneity and volunteering. If you have questions regarding running a restaurant, we suggest you strike up a conversation on the Restaurant Day Facebook page, which is followed by other restaurant keepers. There you will find up to date information, and we encourage everyone to share their experiences.

Please note that this website serves solely to gather and share information on listed restaurants. As a restaurant keeper, you are personally responsible for all actions related to running your one-day restaurant.

Our improved sign-up system is relaunched by the end of July, but you can start planning your restaurant right now!

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